The IRS cannot make an assessment against business owners for unpaid employee withholding taxes unless prior notice and appeal rights are first provided.  



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This is called a trust fund recovery penalty, and an IRS Revenue Officer will issue Letter 1153 to any person with decision making authority over the payment of the employee withholding.  (It is called a trust fund recovery penalty because the decision-makers had a caretaking (trust) responsibility to pay the employees’ withholding to the IRS; failing that trust can result in the business owners being held responsible for repayment of the employment taxes.)  This is authorized by Internal Revenue Code section 6672.

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The IRS Letter 1153 is sent by an IRS Revenue Officer after an investigation into finding the decision-makers.  Many times, the IRS targets for the trust fund penalty were not decision-makers and should not be held responsible for the failures of the business.  If the IRS target disputes the liability, there is a 60 day window of time to file an appeal.  The appeal prevents an assessment being made against the target, and provides independent review of the Revenue Officer’s findings.

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Ms. Gonzalez – TX Owed $28,816, IRS settled for $1700
Mr. Anthony – NY Owed $14,000, IRS settled for $900
Mr. Wilkes – CA Owed 32,211, IRS settled for $1250

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