One of the most common catalysts for getting into “compliance” with the IRS is buying a home. Mortgage lenders usually require you providing your last two tax returns and proof that they have been filed. If you have created a deadline to buy your home, getting proof of filing can be a “race.” It takes time for the IRS to process returns when they are filed manually and with the e-filing season over until February, that’s the only way to file in the winter.



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So, after the returns are filed, we at Advance Tax Relief  will check daily or weekly as needed at IRS e-services to see if your returns have posted. When they have posted, a transcript can be provided to you and your lender.

What if you haven’t filed eight years and the lender wants to only see two years? Well if you have refunds or are able to pay the taxes due, you should be fine. You might consider filing more returns – one to 5 years back – after the deadline has passed. But if you owe taxes for the two years and can’t pay them relatively soon, an analysis of filing your other years might also include a plan to look at doing a settlement with the IRS or a payment plan if you don’t qualify for a settlement.
So, if you have IRS Problems and un-filed tax returns – Take action today! You should work with a local tax relief firm. Call Advance Tax Relief (800) 790-8574


If you think that you may need help filing your 2017 tax return and past due tax returns, you may want to partner with a reputable tax relief company who can help you get the max refund.

Advance Tax Relief has a offices in Houston, TX and Los Angeles, CA and helps many individuals just like you work with the IRS to solve a wide variety of issues, including penalty waivers.

Call our team today at 800-790-8574 for more information. For a free consultation, schedule an appointment with us online.
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However, it doesn’t matter where you live, we service taxpayers nationwide.
Over $50 million has been settled for our clients nationwide.

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