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We offer prompt and effective wage garnishment and levy relief strategies to protect the assets and wages of Houston-area taxpayers

Once your outstanding tax debt and penalties go unsettled for too long, the IRS will take extreme measures by imposing collections against you in the form of a wage garnishment or bank levy to satisfy what is owed to them. it’s an unfortunate reality for many individuals and business owners in and around Houston, as it is extremely intrusive and crippling to ones personal and financial welfare.


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Again, time is of the essence in settling your tax problems, and regardless if you have already received collection letters in the mail by the IRS or not, the TIME IS NOW to take the necessary steps to stop wage garnishment/levies, and protect your hard-earned assets and wages.

How Wage Garnishments & Levies Start

It’s important that we first and foremost clear up any rumors or misconceptions regarding garnishments and levies. Many local taxpayers with outstanding tax debt may live in fear that they will wake up one day and see a portion of their bank accounts missing or their paycheck compromised. The IRS can’t, and won’t, exercise a collections against you without notifying you and providing ample time to take action. Also, beware of phone calls from people claiming that they are with the IRS asking for payment, as this is a scam, DO NOT COMPLY. So, with that being said, let’s outline the reality of IRS collections and how they unfold. When the IRS decides to target you for a garnishment or levy, you will receive up to 2 collection letters in the mail notifying you of an impending collection, your time-frame to take action, and the nature of your collection if it does manifest.

Naturally, if you do not comply with the terms given in the letter, you will be victimized by a collection. The IRS will supersede any legal boundary to either seize a portion of your paycheck, your bank account, or your business assets. Could you live in comfort while the IRS strips away your hard-earned money and assets?

How to Stop Wage Garnishment and Levies

If you have already received the warning letters via mail, are currently being victimized by collections, or would like to take the proactive steps to avoid an IRS collection, it’s absolutely crucial you pursue professional wage garnishment and levy relief today.

Our tax relief specialists have helped hundreds of taxpayers stop and avoid IRS collections, and help them stay on track to maintain healthy tax status and protect their assets.

Contact us today to Stop Wage Garnishment & Levies

The key in resolving and avoiding IRS collections begins with taking prompt action. We will evaluate your case and can stop wage garnishment and levies usually within 24 hours. The consultation is free and get the professional help you need to protect your assets.


If you think that you may need help filing your 2018/2019 tax return and past due tax returns, you may want to partner with a reputable tax relief company who can help you get the max refund and reduce your chances for an IRS AUDIT.

Advance Tax Relief is headquartered in Houston, TX with a branch office in Los Angeles, CA. We help many individuals just like you solve a wide variety of IRS and State tax issues, including penalty waivers, wage garnishments, bank levy, tax audit representation, back tax return preparation, small business form 941 tax issues, the IRS Fresh Start Initiative, Offer In Compromise and much more. Our Top Tax Attorneys, Accountants and Tax Experts are standing by ready to help you resolve or settle your IRS back tax problems.

Advance Tax Relief is rated one of the best tax relief companies nationwide.

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