Tax season can be hectic with all that goes into it, making it inevitable for problems to arise. The most minor tax-paying errors can have a long-term effect on your finances. By being aware of some common tax problems, you will be less likely to make those same mistakes.


Not filing your taxes on time is arguably the most common mistake a majority of people make. By having unfiled taxes, you not only suffer from penalties but also put yourself at the risk of going to jail. The IRS considers this as a form of tax evasion, which federally is an illegal activity. Therefore, make a note on the calendar to ensure you file your taxes on time


Some people do not pay their taxes because they cannot afford to do so. However, this can result in even more penalties. Fortunately, the IRS has different tax relief services for those with significant tax debt, which allows them to pay or extend their debt and also protect their finances. If you cannot afford to pay what you owe, you should consider looking into the repayment options the IRS makes available.


Installment Agreements

Offer In Compromise (OIC)

Currently Not Collectable (CNC)

If you are charged for penalties by the IRS, more money goes into settling your account. The IRS has a solution for incurring penalties known as the penalty abatement, which a professional has to request for on your behalf. A penalty abatement is a waiver that the IRS may grant to taxpayers to relieve them from failure-to-pay, failure-to-deposit, and failure-to-file if certain criteria is met.

However, to be granted this accessibility, your tax case must meet three requirements: Reasonable cause Administrative waiver IRS errorIncorrect or Missing Information Leaving out or inputting wrong information is a very common mistake that occurs with taxpayers. It is important to make sure that your social security number, bank account numbers, and filing status are written correctly on all forms. Also, the tendency to leave some boxes blank is also common. If you feel you are struggling significantly, it is best to consult a tax professional.


Math errors are very common, ranging from simple subtraction and addition to more complex computations. Before you submit anything, give yourself some time to review all your math calculations.


If you think that you may need help filing your 2018/2019 tax return or past due tax returns, you may want to partner with a reputable tax relief company who can help you get the max refund and reduce your chances for an IRS AUDIT.

Advance Tax Relief is headquartered in Houston, TX with a branch office in Los Angeles, CA. We help many individuals just like you solve a wide variety of IRS and State tax issues, including penalty waivers, wage garnishments, bank levy, tax audit representation, back tax return preparation, small business form 941 tax issues, the IRS Fresh Start Initiative, Offer In Compromise and much more. Our Top Tax Attorneys, Accountants and Tax Experts are standing by ready to help you resolve or settle your IRS back tax problems.

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